Brief Introduction of China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

       China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA) was set up in 1980, it was approved by Chinese government as NGO at meanwhile, it includes over 600 members who are from pharmaceutical industry, packaging materials industry, and the inspection agencies of pharmaceutical packaging materials.
       It is the purpose of CNPPA that supplies the service to all members. In order to maintain the industry benefits and promote the industry development, CNPPA focus on the domestic and international technical exchange, laws and regulations study, establishment of the guild regulations etc.

       There are eight professional committees belong to CNPPA: Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Committee; Pharmaceutical Glass Containers Committee; Pharmaceutical Package Design Committee; Pharmaceutical Capsule Committee; Pharmaceutical Rubber Stop Committee and Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery Committee; Standardization Working Committee; and Infusion Packaging Committee. CPPA has also organized the Committee of Experts.
       As the leading magazine edited by CNPPA on pharmaceutical packaging industry,
PHARMACY & PACKAGING provides readers with the latest industry information, authoritative policy explanation and comprehensive dynamics on related industry. CNPPA host ‘Forum For Infusion Packaging Development’ (FIPD) which is hold every two years, gather industry experts and policy authorities from domestic and abroad  to discuss the hot points of policy and technical focus, FIPD has been the important international event which is leading the development of related industry.

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