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2014 Forum for Infusion Packaging Development (FIPD)

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To whom concerns:
       FIPD is a worldwide forum for pharmaceutical packaging, with wide vision and high level. FIPD started in 2006, holding every two years, 2014 FIPD will hold on September in Qingdao. Main objective of the forum is to  guarantee safety for industry chain  between infusion and pharmaceutical packaging.
       Major Topics:
       1、Comprehensive analysis on the status of infusion for the last five years,  outlook of the developing trend.
       2、Discussion the influence  caused  by medical reform, basic drug policy and drug price policy on pharmaceutical packaging industry.
       3、Overseas and Domestic Research Status on compatibility and safety evaluation.
       4、Discussion on the influence to packaging materials quality and drug quality
caused by raw materials.
       5. Main technical topics : Blow-Fill-Seal application,Peritoneal Dialysis Bag, Irrigation Bag and Pre-Filled Syringe.
       6. Discussion on the influence to injection packaging caused by clinical application and dispensary changes(management, requirement and so on).
       The forum has simultaneous translation. You can get more information from the website. (
       Other activities during the forum:
       1. Product display, including infusion packaging materials and container, devices, raw materials, additives and accessories.
       2. Communication and signing for  Leachables and ExtractablesHandbook.
       3. Annual meeting of Infusion packaging committee. 
       4. Oxygen absorbent seminar (need invitation letter).
       The forum has online registration and online payment. 
       1. Time:  registration   September 17th,  
                      conference   September18th-19th .
       2.Location:Qingdao Huanghai Hotel(Add:75,Yan’an 1Road,Shinan District, Qingdao China, Tel: +86-532-82870215)
       3. Contact: Tel:+86-10-62267180, 62262760, 62267646; Fax:+86-10-62267098;

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